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  • 16 Mar ’11


Change: digital marketing video

This is a video piece I’ve been working on, mainly last week. I’ve been trying to put together a video which summarizes how Directbrand looks at Digital, how important it is and how seriously our clients should take it. This is not the finished article, it will go through quite a few iterations before I get to that final illusive frame and can call it a wrap. I’ve borrowed heavily from other video sources and the music is from the quite recent and very brilliant Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk. But the script is all me and Stephen.

Putting it together was a lot of fun and got me thinking about working on more video pieces. So I’m investing in a copy of After Effects and I’m going to post any worthwhile results as and when they are ready for public consumption.

Ian Sorensen

Ian Sorensen is a creative director who likes to write about himself in the third person. He has been making things look good for over 12 years and hopes to share his passion for good design / advertising / illustration with all those who visit this site. He also wishes you a good day!

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