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  • 23 Feb ’11


Mein Ubervu!! Social Media Monitoring

Ubervu, sounds like a german superhero with xray vision. What it is though is a very handy social media monitoring tool. I use it an awful lot day to day in DirectBrand. For those of you not au fait with it. It’s pretty simple. Have a look at this introduction video for an overview of the service.

You create an account and then search for keywords associated with whatever brand, product, person you want to track. Ubervu trawls through all the social networks (facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs etc etc) looking for mentions of your keywords and then filters them back to you with an assigned rating of positive, negative or neutral content within each mention. You can also engage with the various tweets, blogs and posts directly through ubervu.

There are a growing list of social media monitoring tools out there in the cloud at the moment. As an introduction to the power and importance of such tools I’m going to recommend Ubervu. The free trial gives you enough of a taste to give you a real feeling for the power of social monitoring tools if you have never used one before. There really is no excuse for not using tools like this from a marketing/strategy perspective. They are incredibly important to get a reading of what is being said about a brand online, where it’s being said and allow you to develop social strategies on a much more targeted level.

Currently I’m using Ubervu on a job for the Irish Cancer Society, when we get the results in for the campaign I’ll write a more in-depth post on how I used it for that particular job and what the pro’s and con’s were. I’ve also been using it to develop strategies and pitches for upcoming work. Being able to see what people think about a brand and how they interact with it socially gives more much definite direction and credence to concepts and strategies than was previously possible.

The only negative point I would make right now though is that the integration of facebook is a little ropey. It does not seem to be able to trawl facebook posts in the same way that it does twitter. Most likely because of privacy settings on individual accounts but there is certainly room for improvement in that area.

Also Ubervu is a light application, it’s by no means an enterprise piece of software. If you are looking for that level of engagement (expect to pay a significantly higher price) take a look at Radian 6

If any of you out there use any similar tools, let me know. If you’ve used Ubervu, what do you think?

Ian Sorensen

Ian Sorensen is a creative director who likes to write about himself in the third person. He has been making things look good for over 12 years and hopes to share his passion for good design / advertising / illustration with all those who visit this site. He also wishes you a good day!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/maximilian.pohl Maximilian Pohl

    Thank you for this interesting review. I also signed up for UberVU and yes – I’m satisfied. The only strange things is, that i found many blogs with my stream keywords with “Google Blog Search” – but they do not appear in UberVU. May, this is a matter of time?! I’ll see.

  • http://elisabethmichaud.com/ Elisabeth Michaud

    Ian, thanks so much for your kind words about uberVU in this review I stumbled across. Much appreciated! If you’re interested in updating your review with the current version of our tool, I’m happy to grant you reviewer access. Let me know via an email to elisabeth at ubervu dot com.

    Elisabeth (Community Manager at uberVU)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment. I’d be delighted to get reviewer access and see where the platform has moved to now. I’ll send an email to the above address. Many thanks again.