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  • 21 Feb ’11


Old Logos

Indulge me for a minute. In creating this new website one of my goals is to chart the progress of my work. So I want to include old as well as new work in the site. The idea being to catalogue my work over time in a non linear format. So the old mixed in with the new etc etc. Partly to give myself a bit of perspective on where I am and where I have come from but also to keep the work section of the site a bit more freeform.

So in keeping with that rational here are a few of the old timey logos I created from a few years back (with help from Elin and Andrew, my partners at the time, I’m not forgetting you two!, still going strong over in GHQ). Of course in hindsight I’d go back and change a huge amount on each of these but I’m going to let them grow old gracefully here in their new home.

Ian Sorensen

Ian Sorensen is a creative director who likes to write about himself in the third person. He has been making things look good for over 12 years and hopes to share his passion for good design / advertising / illustration with all those who visit this site. He also wishes you a good day!

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