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  • 24 Nov ’11


The Forest

Just a quick mockup for an idea on where Erik’s voyages might take him. It’s a bit bare and simple for my liking at the moment so I’m planning to go back into this and add a lot more flora and fauna as well as possible adding a large viking rune inspired border to the whole image. Lots of ideas just wanted to post an initial digital sketch. I’m also thinking about designing a font to use with all the illustrations I’m creating maybe something old school vikingy, think more Heavy Metal than Hagar the Horrible. I know I’m coming down on the cutesy side at the moment but I want to add more touches which give adults something to get their teeth into too. Anyway here’s a brief interlude in the story, we join Erik as he sets out on his quest….. (you can click to get a larger version if you must)

Ian Sorensen

Ian Sorensen is a creative director who likes to write about himself in the third person. He has been making things look good for over 12 years and hopes to share his passion for good design / advertising / illustration with all those who visit this site. He also wishes you a good day!

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  • Tanya

    Looks pretty rockin!!! Loving the cuteness & simplicity of it. Keep them coming ; ) You could make a book out of them all by the end of it…

  • Anonymous

    Cheers Tlo, thats the plan for now. I’m hoping to have a book created and printed for Erik’s first birthday. After that I’m not sure, I’m thinking about creating a regular webcomic. Maybe something a little more adult. It’s all up in the air at the moment. But it’s exciting. Off to Brazil in three weeks and I’m hoping to break the back of it by then. Thanks for the moral boost.