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  • 21 Feb ’11


Campaign Review: Burberry Acoustic

Not very long ago Burberry were a brand in crisis. The brand had been almost completely co-opted by “chav” culture. A symbol, to many, of all that was going wrong with British youth. However in recent years this trend has been reversed and Burberry are once more one of the more desired UK brands. Burberry are also one of the best examples of fashion brands getting social engagement right.

Music has long been a go to for brands in need of youth credibility. There was a time when being the poster musician for Coke or Pepsi for example was considered to be a statement of having “made it”. At the peak of the music industry and in association with one of these superbrands, this was an exclamation to the world of an artists dominance and of the “recognition” given to them by a brand as a result.

I think the death knell for those days was heard ringing around the time Justin Timberlake started “lovin’ it” in this terrible advert from the early 2000′s

and more recently Duffy’s execrable Diet Coke advert. As you can tell I’ve never been a fan of musician endorsed brand advertising, until now, as you’ll see below.

These days consumers see right through this type of cross promotion. Hence you will notice that musicians, these day,s tend to stay a good arms length away from branded advertising.

So where do Burberry fit into this scenario? Fashion and music have long been intertwined. Each influencing the other in their own way. What Burberry are doing with their new campaign though is nothing short of genius in my humble opinion. Taking a group of relatively unknown musicians and using them, and their music, as “live mannequins” for Burberry’s clothing range. They have allowed the music to take centre stage (as it should be), the brand gaining recognition and status from association with some beautiful, well crafted, personal, music (notice the crossover in brand values).

I thought it was fitting to highlight such a well conceived and executed campaign. Here are a couple of my favourite tracks.

To see and hear more of the Acoustic Collection click here.

Ian Sorensen

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